The Gospel of the Holy Twelve:
A Valuable Alternative Christian Gospel

Last Updated: 31 July, 2023


The Gospel of the Holy Twelve is an attempt to spiritually reconstitute the Christian Gospel on the premise that what we have in the Bible is actually not a complete or completely true teaching of Christ. It doesn't seem to be an attempt initiated on the side of living humans, but coming from the spirit-world to us through an priest, as described in the introduction of the book.

It is advisable to open your mind to other sources of truth, even other Gospels, to see if there is any light there which is of value. This is why, for example, there are four Gospels provided in the Bible: to compare. The only difference is that someone else pre-selected those gospels for you. The only new thing is starting to reach out on your own to discover new sources for yourself.

The Gospel of the Holy Twelve has suffered much attack at an academic level, especially by questioning the spiritual source of its creation, usually without mentioning that all Scripture is supposed to have a spiritual source, and there is no Scripture which you can provably trace each letter to God.

God isn't a book, and His teachings are more than any book, and the reason we've used the Bible is that it has much worthwhile instruction, despite some flaws.

Why can't we do that with the Gospel of the Holy Twelve?

Who decides what holy book or even religion you follow? If it’s you then how much evaluation did you put into selecting the one you follow now? Logically, you need to look at more than one option to help ensure that you’re following the right one for you, and you should be open to upgrades. Otherwise you’re doing an extremely poor job for yourself as decision-maker, to limit yourself to just one understanding you were likely born into and which you won't allow yourself to evaluate.

We pursue upgrades with our machines, our electronics, and our science, but what about our religion? And isn't our belief system more worthwhile to improve than anyting else in our lives?

The Gospel of the Holy Twelve has a high quality of moral instruction, on which merit alone it should have widely been considered valuable. It provides significant moral teaching on some topics which the Bible doesn’t give clear or morally satisfying guidance on, such as, among others, the issue of whether or not to treat the 20 quintillion (billion billion) animals we share the planet with with any kind of respect, compassion, or rights whatsoever.

There are some teachings in the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, such as the Ladder of Truth (Chapter XC), and the Twelve Commandments of Christ, which are not only absent from the Bible, but which are theologically profound enough to mean 2 things:

  1. They are evidence that this book, the Gospel of the Holy Twelve, is not likely fiction by a fraudster. It would be very difficult for any human to come up with spiritual revelation like this uninspired, and if they did, they would have better things to do with their life than fraud. Insight of this quality is precious.

  2. If these teachings of neglected moral topics, even in just in the two examples given, were actually accepted by Christianity and implemented, it would reform Christianity into something much better (more peace-producing) than solely-Bible-based Christianity ever could be. In fact, some believe that corruptions of Christianity, codified in the Bible, were the reason why the fire of Christianity diminished around the time the Bible was created and forced on Christians throughout the Roman Empire. Maybe the Gospel of the Holy Twelve can help restore Christianity to the unquenchable fire it was before Christian leaders partnerd with Rome to centralize and dictate Christian beliefs.

In conclusion, although only a book, and not infallible or complete as though a god, the Gospel of the Holy Twelve has valuable lessons for Christians beyond Bible instruction. It is of a moral quality at least as high as the Bible's and should at least be considered a fifth Christian gospel for Christianity to be restored to a higher level of Truth, Peace, Presence, and Power. Where it conflicts with the Bible, you should judge with your heart what you choose to believe.

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